Anthropology 1 AW20
ˌan(t)-thrə-ˈpä-lə-jē \


the science of human beings, especially : the study of human beings & their ancestors through time & space & in relation to physical character, environmental & social relations, & culture


From the wheels of a toy bike that will eventually ‘scrape’ instead of ‘turn’ (from excessive use), to the satellite dishes which were the source of so many of our various awakenings, I hope you can look at these images and see parts of your past, and a vision for your future. In an image of my muses dancing around a poitjie pot spewing siren-red smoke, I remember the ritual my family has to perform every few years titled “Mpho Ya Badimo“[‘Gift of the Gods’ in English] - where we celebrate our ancestors and remind them that we are thankful for their protection - the year we skipped the ceremony turned out to be quite a diabolical year so at this point, its almost an obligation.

Full Credits:

Photography: @travysowen
Creative Direction: @thebetsilem
Styling: @amyzamaa
Hair: @missmoloto
Make-Up: @annicemakeup & @orlioh
Muses: @amyzamma @thereal.annah @vanessangolo @graobenoelle @tnxbx @tamaramoeng @zoemodiga @ref1loe @tracymokgopo