Black Sunday Best Boot - Ankle Length

The brands first shoe offering is titled the Sunday Best Boot, and is available in an ankle length and a knee length. The boot takes elements from a loafer, and features a severely pointed toe - inspired by the elongated shoes pastors wear in Downtown Johannesburg and the shape of 15th Century Cracow shoes. The shoes feature our brand’s logo - the Sisterhood Emblem - attached to its front, crafted in a domed stainless steel. The heel takes on an angular wedge shape that grows out in a trapeze fashion towards the ground. The shoe’s sole is stamped with the brand’s monogram.

Technical Details:
Upper - Half Cow Leather
Insole: Colour-Match orange cow leather with Thebe Magugu Black foil Stamp
Thread:Tonal Bonded Nylon
Heel: 105mm Trapeze shape heel